Howard McKenzie Applying Gold Leaf in the Old World Tradition

About Us

Howard McKenzie and his company have painted, restored, remodeled,  and waterproofed the exteriors and interiors of homes and buildings  for over 20 years.  Howard personally got started working in the building trades back in in the late 1980’s as a drywall installer and finish taper. The firm is named McKenzie Finishes, Inc. for its humble roots in the mastery of applying various coatings, textures and finishes.

Howard and his company have helped to create multiple award winning LEED Platinum & LEED Gold Certified houses, yet he and his crew love applying the old world skills of hand gilding 23k gold leafs on Victorian Era homes whenever they can. Which to his dismay is currently more in demand more often with Victorians than Eichlers at the moment. 😉

He is privileged to have been selected to refurbish and paint the exteriors of the famous Bernard Maybeck house  “No 1 Isaac Flagg House” at 1200 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley and the world famous 1873 Victorian Home (that guided tour buses stop at to show tourists what classic Victorian Era Architecture looks like in S.F.) at 102 Guerrero Street in San Francisco(built in 1873).

His other well known works can be seen in:

San Francisco

Victorian home at 3625 20th Street

Victorian home at 81 Scott Street

Victorian home at 3635 20th Street

Victorian buildings at 230, 232 & 234 Hermann Street

Victorian home at 3769 20th Street


LEED home at 199 Santa Rosa Ave


LEED home at 5035 Paradise Drive

mill valley

LEED home at 131 Hillside Avenue

San Rafael

Eichler home at Cermenho Court

Victorian home at 1720 Delaware Street

Historic Landmark  Bernard Maybeck  at 938  Spruce Street

Historic Landmark  Bernard Maybeck  at  1200 Shattuck  Avenue

Historic Landmark  Bernard Maybeck  at  1208  Shattuck Avenue

Historic Landmark  Bernard Maybeck  at  1210  Shattuck Avenue


Victorian home at 105 Sunnyside Avenue (built in 1895)


LEED home at 5950 Margarido Drive

Victorian home at 25 Yosemite Avenue (built in 1896)

Victorian home at 41 Yosemite Avenue  (built in 1895)

Licensed and Bonde

McKenzie Finishes, Inc.  is a California State Licensed Painting Contractor and a California State Licensed General Contractor. License Number 792927 C33 PAINTING AND DECORATING & GENERAL B BUILDING CONTRACTOR. 

This combination allows Howard McKenzie and his firm to go beyond the limitation of most painting firms.

McKenzie Finishes, Inc. is fully bonded with full general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.