Painting Services

McKenzie Finishes, Inc. provides a a full gamut of painting services far beyond most painting firms due its unique combination of skills, experience, and its full contractor’s license. One call to us lets us deliver every skill required to your job. Most painters are limited by law and license in what they can do on a job, they can’t and thats about it. Where as we can install windows, replace structural elements, install or replace wiring, install insulation and drywall, even deal with moving or repairing plumbing. This is just one of the reasons why we are the top choice by contractors as a painting subcontractor – we know far more then an ordinary painting contractor which makes their job faster, quicker, easier, lower cost, and results in a better end result.

Interior Painting

Inside we do a fantastic job from prep to cleanup. None can compare to the level of satisfaction that results from our 20 point system. Some might think painting is mostly picking the paint color. We are here to let you know that it isn’t.
Painting prep means examining the surfaces for rot and mold. Marking those areas that need extra attention and prepping all areas to protect your fixtures and wood. Then cleaning those surfaces for a durable long lasting paint job. Then more preparation work with masking, tape, protective materials. There is often drywall to fill in with mud for a perfect painting surface to eliminate the scratches and dings that have built up over the years. Then we apply the undercoating. Then at last we paint the top coat. Perfectly. No drips. No mars. No holidays. On every step of the job we clean the site everyday for 45 minute, sometimes more so you have a calming and clean home to come back to at the end of the day. Not a littered mess.


Durability is the watchword when picking an exterior painter. A clean job that will hold up and please the eye are other concepts you must have on your checklist of qualities. We have painted literally thousands of houses from prized Victorians in San Francisco to internationally renown and historically significant architectural gems in the East Bay by famous architects to modern LEED Platinum jewels in Marin to the everyday but special homes that most of us live in ( including us). We know from 20 years of experience what makes a great experience for all and that is what we deliver. No matter if you have an Eichler or a tract home or a ranch home we deliver the best quality painting job you could dream about. An easy and smooth painting experience that all will love. From your neighbors to you, even while we are painting. Courteous and kind isn’t just for Boy Scouts.

Gold Leaf

The art of gilding gold leaf dates back to the Ancient Greeks & the Egyptians. This art of overlaying, folding or hammering on gold foil or gold leaf is the simplest and most ancient method. There are many many types and styles of gold leaf that people use for gilding. McKenzie Finishes, Inc. typically uses genuine 23k gold leaves or 14k white gold leaves for gilding on various substrates such as wood, plaster casts and metal.
The specific techniques that McKenzie Finishes, Inc. uses to apply genuine 23k gold leaves or 14k white gold leaves have been developed and refined over the years. This is definitively a craft and an art that takes much practice and involves multiple steps.